2020 Professional Development Opportunities Continued

On Line Professional Growth Points Through a Partnership with VESI

VESI is committed to developing online education courses for professionals that are convenient, relevant and affordable.  Convenient because these interactive courses provide expert instruction at a pace that fits your schedule.  Relevant to the significant educational and social issues in today's schools, as well as to the requirements you need to meet for re-licensure or career advancement.  Affordable because the format allows high quality and low prices.

There are three (3) types of Professional Growth Plans.  

1.  A 90 point PGP is required for the Renewal of a 5 or 10 year professional educator license. Renewal of a 2 year Initial Practitioner license for a 3rd time.  

2.  A 40 point PGP is required for converting 2 year Initial Practitioner license to a 5 year Practitioner license. 

3.  A 36 point PGP is required for Educational Interpreters.

Updated information regarding House Enrolled Act 1002 effective 7/1/19.




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Vendor Registration