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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Link.   Do you want to make things simple for your shoppers? Feel free to place a link on your website to www.iaesc.org or www.govpro.org. We would be happy to forward our logo.

Whom do I contact if I cannot remember my login and password?   Contact IAESC Procurement/GovPro at 1-800-326-5467.

Update your password .   Most users continue to use the systems’ default password. If your password has not been changed recently, now is a good time. To do so, click on the Profile tab; then click on Change Password.

There is a problem with an order placed through IAESC Procurement/GovPro. Whom should be contacted first?   One call is all! No need to contact the vendor; call your Procurement Specialist for all your purchasing needs at 1-800-326-5467.  

How can catalogs be accessed?   You will need a login and password to access the IAESC Procurement/GovPro catalogs. Click on “Become a Member” to receive your login and password.  

How many users can a corporation have set up before being charged?   IAESC Procurement is a FREE web-based program with unlimited users and no fees.  

Is there a charge for the corporation to receive training?   IAESC Procurement/GovPro offers FREE training – both on site and web-based. Contact your Procurement Specialist to schedule training.  

My corporation is interested in integrating its financial package with IAESC Procurement. Is this a possibility?   IAESC Procurement has the capability of full accounting package integration with Komputrol, RDS, and Skyward.  

Can a teacher or staff member make unauthorized purchases?   No. Unauthorized purchases cannot be made through IAESC Procurement/GovPro. The approval process is mandated by your administration and mirrors the exact procedure you use for paper requisitions. The entire process is electronic from creating a requisition to purchase order submission to the vendor.  

My corporation has been advised that using another system is mandated. Is it?   There is NO MANDATE to use one procurement system over another. Competition and the freedom to find the best price are the best policies (supporting documents available).  

W-9s. For your convenience and download, we collect the W-9 forms from awarde vendors. 

There is a vendor interested in participating with IAESC Procurement/GovPro. How would a vendor contact you to receive bid information?   Vendors can be directed to the website: http://www.wesc.k12.in.us/. Click on the site shortcut located under Links: Vendor Registration. Complete the vendor registration to receive the bid documents. The bid process is completely electronic.  

At IAESC Procurement/GovPro, customers are #1. We want you to be completely confident in our commitment to providing you and your staff excellent customer service. IAESC Procurement/GovPro will always be available to lend you support and respond to any procurement issues encountered.  

Reach IAESC Procurement and GovPro: 1-800-326-5467 

Northwest – Pam Clover, Extension 208 

Northeast – James Tyler, Extension 203 

Southwest - Nathan Clover, Extension 216 

Southeast - Benita Fischer, Extension 211