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GEMS Kits® are a leading resource for innovative science and mathematics education. Developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, the public science education center at the University of California at Berkeley, and tested in thousands of classrooms nationwide, over 70 GEMS Teacher’s Guides® and handbooks offer a wide range of supplementary learning experiences for preschool through 8th grade.

A GEMS Kit® contains all the materials necessary to present a GEMS unit to your class and includes one copy of the pertinent GEMS Teacher’s Guide®. Each GEMS Kit goes through an extensive development and review process. The result is a kit that meets the high standards of GEMS and Carolina, a kit you can use with confidence.

  • Sufficient materials for 32 students
  • Pre-assembled for your convenience
  • Saves you time and money
  • Packed in a durable plastic container for storage

GEMS® units are clearly organized and easy to use. Although many GEMS guides are designed, written, and tested for specific grade levels, they often can be extended to lower or higher levels. Many GEMS Teacher’s Guides® contain suggestions for ways to modify or adapt the presentation for younger or older students.


  • Special background in math or science not required
  • Practical advice and teaching tips provided
  • Professional development workshops available

Each classroom activity includes an overview, materials list, and preparation steps, followed by clear, step-by-step instructions for effective classroom presentation. Background information is provided for the teacher, along with photographs, illustrations, and, often, examples of student work.


  • GEMS activities are inquiry based and engage students
  • GEMS activities use proven, standards-based principles and concepts
  • GEMS activities help make ALL teachers successful
  • GEMS activities use accessible materials