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ISESC Insurance Trust

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services Indiana Schools Education Service Center (ISESC) Risk Management Program Is structured to comply with I.C. 22-3-2-5.   

The ISESC Program allows schools to have a stable long term cost savings. An analysis of historical rates indicate Indiana schools would have saved 10-30% each year for the previous 5 years compared to commercial industry premiums. Premium savings would have been earning investment income in each schools segregated ISESC account.  

Comprehensive loss prevention program and strong claims management help the school reduce their dollars spent on claims. Risk Management Program Services are provided by Caitlin-Morgan in partnership with the local designated agent. Structured reinsurance with Midwest Employers Casualty Company caps the annual exposure to loss for each school.  

Why should a School Corporation consider the ISESC Program? 

  • Long term cost savings for schools  
  • Schools have more control over dollars spent on their workers’ compensation obligation  
  • Provides stable pricing and helps eliminate commercial insurance companies pricing swings  
  • Schools retain investment income  
  • ISESC worker compensation program has lower expenses than commercial insurance and historically lower than any national program administrator 
  • Administration services are provided by Indiana based company and 100% of service staff located in Indiana.

Southern United Insurance Program

The Southern United Insurance Program provides life insurance to School Corporations with Dearborn National Insurance Company through JA Benefits, LLC.   

JA Benefits, LLC is built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership, and excellence. Our clients receive professional value-added services that are based on strategic planning, five-star service, and cutting-edge technology. JA Benefits, LLC has extensive experience with public schools and municipalities. We work with each employer to fulfill their unique needs, and we strive to exceed those expectations.    Dearborn National’s values differentiate them from their competitors and help define the way they do business. 

Dearborn National provides a portfolio of employer-paid life and is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.