Tutoring Services

After School Tutoring Services Provided to your school through the Wilson Education Center


The Wilson Education Center is striving to meet the academic needs of students through our after school tutoring program.

Wilson Education Center Provides:

  • After school math and reading tutoring for K-6 students
  • Group tutoring for 5-6 students
  • Research-based reading and math programs
  • Monthly progress reports sent to parents
  • Snacks at every tutoring session
  • One of the longest programs with 44 hours of tutoring

Wilson Education Center Tutors:

  • Are licensed teachers
  • Work together with parents
  • Use hands-on activities to make learning fun
  • Will help your students perform better in the classroom and on Indiana’s ISTEP tests
  • Provide tutoring at your school site 

The program utilizes Teachers Tutoring Inc. curriculum with fidelity and includes 44 hours of instruction with rigorous pre/post-test protocols focusing on both Reading and Math content areas. The Reading curriculum is based on research cited in Put Reading First and the Math curriculum is based on research components for Five Easy Steps to a balanced Math program with recommendations from the National Mathematics Advisory.

Wilson Education Center began providing after school tutoring services with the 2009-10 school year. To date, WEC has serviced 14 corporations with over 1000 students benefiting from the tutoring program as well as having hired and trained approx. 120 tutors, tutor leaders, substitutes, assistants, etc. to deliver the program.

Students participating in our tutoring program during the 2014-15 school year demonstrated dramatic gains overall: 9% increase in Word Recognition, 24 word increase in Fluency, 26.5% increase in Comprehension, and 25% growth in Math.